edit-edit-edit-SGVD - Officer photo Lupe Diaz

Abbey Howell

District President

Pro-Tem Yvette Romo

Financial Secretary

Patsy Wilson

Corresponding Secretary

Pro-Tem Shari Kovach


Claudia Maidenberg


Terry Perkins

1st Vice President

Lupe Diaz

2nd Vice President

Gina Morales

3rd Vice President

Meet your 2022-2024 Executive Committee

2022 - 2024 SGVD District Administrative Chairmen


Pro-Tem Diana Limon

Recording Secretary

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2022 - 2024 SGVD District Reporting Chairmen


Amenities & Protocol - Ina Ruan


Birthdays / Care & Concern - Mavis Hansen


CHiPs for Kids - JoAnn Snyder


Citizen of the Year - Betts Griffone


Credentials - Beverly Clifton


Key Newsletter Editor, Subscription & Email Distribution - Terry Perkins


Key Newsletter Distribution by Mail - Terry Perkins


Kindness Angel - Sandy Hidalgo


Sergeant of Arms -  Beverly Pearson

Master Calendar - Linda Mokler


Club Member of the Year - Diana Reyes


President's Book - Laura Schano


President's Aid - Christine Smith


Registrar - Carol Handley


Reservations - Cheryl Linnborn


Spiritual Values - Petra Jimenez


Timekeeper - Terri Cardinas

 Advocates for Children - Vivian Reyes


Arts & Culture Community Service Programs - Terry Perkins   

  • Art Contest - Terry Perkins
  • Craft Contest - Christine Smith, Terri Cardenas 
  • Creative Writing - Laura Schano 
  • Young Musician's Competition - Terry Perkins 
  • Photography - Sue Hogrnauer 


Communications & Public Relations - Marilyn Cruz

  • Club Newsletter - Terry Perkins 
  • Facebook Administrator - Denise Jackman
  • Webmaster - Rosette Clippinger, Denise Jackman


Civic Engagement & Outreach Community Service Program - Susan Brosche

GFWC Signature Project / Domestic & Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention  - Cruz Baca




Education & Libraries Community Service Program - Esthela Torres de Siegris


Academic Scholarships - Susan Brosche


Environment Community Service Program - Floretta Sheppard


Fundraising - Diana Limon          


Health & Wellness Community Service Program - Nancy Krueger 


Leadership & LEADS  - Bonnie Duenas, Patsy Wilson


Legislation & Public Policy - Alice Slaughter


Membership - Lupe Diaz      


Resolutions - Patsy Wilson


Women's History & Resource Center - Kimberly Plater, Patsy Wilson



 Please view the District Yearbook for a detailed copy of Chairmen and Committees for 2022-2024 contact information

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